ARI Orthopaedics Conference
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ARI Orthopaedics 2024 Orthopaedic Infection
24th – 26th June 2024, Congress Center, Davos, Switzerland

eCM Conference Rebranding to ARI Orthopaedics

Since 1999 eCM organised yearly conferences in the preclinical orthopaedic research area in Davos. The conferences were oganised by Scientists at the AO Research Institute Davos (ARI), a Not-for-Profit foundation in Switzerland. eCM conferences has been rebranded to ARI Orthopaedics, which are conferences where scientists (including biologists, engineers and material scientists), clinicians and industry meet. All ARI Orthopaedics abstracts are hosted on ARI Abstracts Together they bring clinical problems to the table, consider industrial requirements of possible solutions and often initiate collaborative projects to answer these clinical problems. The limited number of participants (max 200) ensures ample opportunities for knowledge sharing in basic, translational and clinical research.

eCM open access Scientific Journal

eCM Open Access Scientific Journal is changing publisher from AO Research Institute Davos (ARI), who published eCM from published eCM from Volume No 1 January, 2001 until Volume No 45, 2023, to Forum Multimedia Publishing, USA.
ARI has decided to focus stronger on the mission of the AO Foundation and discontinue publishing eCM journal. On behalf of ARI, we wish Forum Multimedia Publishing great success with continuation and development of eCM journal.
August 7th, 2023, Davos, Switzerland.
Prof. R. Geoff Richards (Founder, Editor-in-Chief eCM Open Access Scientific Journal and Editor-in-Chief, Co-Web master/editor eCM Conferences Open Access Online Periodical) & Prof Martin Stoddart (Co-Web master/editor)

Orthopaedics covers the musculoskeletal field including trauma, cranio-maxillofacial and spine of humans and animals. The main focus is the preclinical research field, including the field of tissue engineering & regenerative medicine. Our Logo is based on several aspects. The animal within the logo (Steinbock, (German) Capricorn or Ibex, (English)) is from within the Graubünden (Grison) flag, form our canton where AO Research Institute Davos (ARI) is based. The "rock" below it is based upon integrated bone trabeculae within a biomaterial.

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