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Congress Centre Davos

ARI Orthopaedics congress sessions take place at the modern Aspen lecture room at the Davos Conference Centre. The Congress Centre is located in the middle of Davos town, between the mountains of the Parsenn and Jakobshorn ski regions. Davos is a famous Alpine ski resort and also holds many international summer sports events.
The Congress Center hosted the World Economic Forum for the last 30 years, attended by economical and political world leaders. It also hosts many other conferences, including the annual AO course for fracture treatment.

The weather in late June / early July is generally nice, with daily temp. of 20-25°C. It is usually 5-6°C lower than the lowlands of Zurich. It could however be more chilly, rainy (at least 1 day at minimum) and even snowy! A raincoat is required for such eventualities.

Latest local weather can be found on the Davos website.


If you are sporty, bring running trainers. Davos lake has a 4 Km fairly flat path around it. There are also excellent mountain runs for trail runners - join Geoff or even Martin.
Bring walking boots to go for mountain walks at the weekend or shorter walks on the free afternoons. Davos Tourism can offer you many walking routes.
You can also hire mountain bikes, but take a helmet, especially if you are a presenter and have not presented yet when starting your ride.

The nearest airport is Zürich-Kloten (about 160 Km). The best way to travel from Zürich-Kloten airport to Davos is by train. There are hourly train connections with a total train journey of 2 hours and 40 minutes. There is a change of train at Zurich mainstation (Zurich HB) and at Landquart, where you change to the regional train system to travel from 600m above sea level to 1560m above in Davos. The views can be breathtaking. From Zurich to Landquart most trains have carriages equipped to give electricity for computers in first class and there are also quiet carriages available (no mobile phones, personal stereos, no talking) for those who wish to read in peace. SBB rail travel is fast, safe and punctual (due to one or two participants mistakes in previous times- Geneva is the wrong side of the country to get to Davos, Basel is about 1 hour more than Zurich). The last section from Landquart to Davos is with the Rhaetian Railway RhB - Rhätische Bahn, though all is in the one ticket you purchase from Zürich airport to Davos (Dorf or Platz), which also has many brand new trains equipped with electric sockets in first class, but don't just work, enjoy the beautiful Alpine scenery.

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Free Travel on Mountain Rail, Cableways and lots more!

Davos guarantees diversity - free of charge! The new Davos Inclusive Card entitles you in summer to free travel on mountain rail and cableways. And that's not all: a very wide range of services and leisure attractions are also available free of charge or at discounted rates.

"Davos Inclusive" applies exclusively to guests staying at least one night in commercially-rented accommodation (hotel, holiday apartment, group accommodation).



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