ARI Orthopaedics Conference
ARI Orthopaedics, Science with Open Discussion

ARI Orthopaedic Conferences Meeting Hotels

For each ARI Orthopaedic Conferences Conferences, we arrange favourable rates with the local hotels. Book Hotel Here (this leads to an external site where you can choose ARI Orthopaedics as your event from a drop down list; ARI Orthopaedic Conferences is not responsible for its contents).

Beware of unofficial housing "providers"

We are aware of service providers contacting attendees by phone, offering assistance with booking accommodation. We have no relationship with these providers and cannot guarantee that any reservation made through any third party, other than this Official Website, will actually be made.

Signing any agreement with any company other than the official accommodation organiser can lead to very hefty change or cancellation fees (such as 25% of the entire hotel cost). We have discovered that hotels are at the end of a line of three middle companies, all making a cut and making the hotel cost generally much higher than direct booking at the hotel itself.

We strongly recommend you only use the Hotel link above provided by the Davos Congress, which is run through Davos tourism, our partner for your accommodation needs, and avoid these providers. We take no liability for these service providers and has no connection with them.